College Terms

Open Admission Policy (Open Door Policy): Admission policy in which anyone with a high school diploma or its equivalent can take classes.

Rolling Admission: Schools with this admission practice accept applications throughout the year and decide whether or not to admit students as soon as they receive the required materials

Early Admission: Students can take the necessary standardized tests and apply early in their senior year for admission to some colleges. If you choose to apply for early admission and are accepted, the institution guarantees you a place and you promise to attend the institution.

Selective Admission Policy: An admission policy in which a college only admits students who meet certain requirements (sometimes referred to as Competitive Admission Policy).

Conditional Admission: A college may admit students who have not met all the admission requirements. To remain, these students must fulfill specified requirements before or during their enrollment.

Waiting List: A list of students who will be admitted to a college only if there is space available. Students placed on a waiting list are usually notified if they are admitted, typically in May or June.

Undergraduate Student: A college student working on a bachelor's or associate's degree or certificate.

Graduate Student: A student who has earned a bachelor's degree and is working on an advanced degree such as a master's or doctorate.

Baccalaureate or Bachelor's Degree: The degree granted by a college or university after students have satisfactorily completed a four-or five-year, full-time program of required courses or its part-time equivalent. Students usually receive a Bachelor's of Arts or Bachelor's of Science degree.

Associate's Degree: The degree granted by colleges after students complete a two-year, full-time program of required courses or its part-time equivalent. These degrees are offered by many kinds of colleges, including community colleges, technical colleges and colleges and universities that offer bachelor's degrees.

Full-time Student: A student who carries a minimum number of credits or hours to be considered "full-time" by a college. The number of credits considered to be a full-time load varies. Schools on a semester calendar often require at least 12-hours for full-time status.

Fee Waiver: A written statement that says that the student does not have to pay a certain fee. Some scholarships give fee waivers for tuition.
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