Student Work Permits

The Indiana Department of Labor, Bureau of Child Labor, requires all minors who are aged 14, 15, 16 or 17 to obtain   a Work Permit. You may check the web site at for work hours restrictions and further information.

When school is in session, students must apply for their permit at the school they attend. Students not enrolled in the EVSC system will need to apply for their permit at the school location designated by their residence.

To begin the process to obtain a Work Permit (when school is in  session):

  1. You must have the employer fill out the Intention to Employ/A1 form. See Mrs. Effinger in the Counselors’ Office either before or after school or print this form. Your employer can also provide this form.

  2. When the Intention to Employ form is completed and signed by the employer, and signed by the student and parent/guardian, it must be brought to the Counselors’ Office in the morning before school (prior to 7:30am) in  order for a Work Permit to be processed through the Indiana Department of Labor website. Students not enrolled in the EVSC system will need to provide a certified birth certificate (raised seal).

  3. When the permit is processed, the secretary will send an email to the student and he/she may pick up the Work Permit after the last bell of the day (2:30pm). The minor seeking the Work Permit must personally appear and sign for the permit in the Counselors’ Office. The parent/guardian may not sign the Work Permit for the  student.

  4. If the student forgets to pick up the Permit, they may pick it up the next morning, before 7:30am.

  5. The minor will be given a signed and sealed copy of the Work Permit to take to their employer. The Indiana Department of Labor requires the employer to keep this Permit.

  6. Students may hold more than one job as long as the combined hours do not exceed the designated hours allowed for the student’s current age. A separate Work Permit must be obtained for each  job.

  7. Poor attendance, grades, discipline may result in the REVOCATION of a work permit.

To obtain a Work Permit when school is not in  session:

SUMMER WORK PERMIT INFORMATION: Any student needing a work permit over the summer must go to the EVSC Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships/Student Support Services, at 123 Main Street (located next to the Old National Bank building and parking garage (812-435-8866). Their hours are from 7:45am to 2:45pm. You must take with you a certified copy of your birth certificate, and a completed Intention to Employ form. The student must be present to sign the final work permit.