Student College Visits

Campus Visits:

Campus visits can be a great way to see if a college or university is the right "fit" for you.  While visiting a campus make sure to ask questions about academics, campus life and any supports they have for students.  Take some pictures of the school and add notes.

After your visit, it is always helpful to write the pros and cons of the school for future reference.  

The Process:

If a junior or senior would like to visit a campus please follow the instructions below:

- The day of the visit please have a parent call into the school and
   let the Attendance Clerk know you are visiting a college/university.
- While you are at the college/university please have your tour guide
   write a statement that you were at their school.  The letter should
   have the following information:
- School letterhead
- Date that you attended the visit
- Your Name
- Signature from someone in the admissions office
   with contact information
- Return the letter to the office when you return to school the next

If you have any questions about this process please see your counselor.