Financial Aid Opportunities

  • Scholarships: Non-repayable awards to students based on merit, talent, need, or other stated criteria.
  • Grants: Awards based on financial need which do not require repayment. Grants are available through the federal government, state agencies, and educational institutions.
  • College-Work Study Program: Government-supported program which provides part-time jobs to students who need help paying college expenses. Work-study jobs are awarded to the student by the financial aid office.
  • Student Loans Program: A loan program in which students can barrow money.  Most often this money is at a lower interest rate and need not be repaid until the student leaves school.
  • Parent Loan Program: A loan program in which parents can borrow from a bank or other lending institution. Generally repayment of this money begins immediately.

        Eligibility for most financial aid is determined by filing the FAFSA