Student Council

Welcome to Student Council.

Student Council activities include:
Assist local charity organizations such as Evansville Rescue Mission
Promote school pride and act as leaders within the school
Plan and set up the winter dance
Assist the Red Cross in school blood drive
Run fundraisers for groups such as MDA

Membership Information

A. Fifteen selected representatives shall represent each class. Sophomore, junior, and senior candidates must have attained a 2.0 scholastic average, have no failing marks for the semester preceding the election and must possess their citizenship rating for the semester during which the election is held. Freshmen, upon completion of the first grading period, must have received no grade lower than a "C" and possess their citizenship rating. All student council members must complete three committee assignments per year, having no less than one per semester.

B. Any member of the Harrison student body may become a "walk-on" member of the student council provided the following qualifications and procedures have been met;

-Student must meet all membership requirements listed in paragraph A.
-Student must have attended three consecutive entire student council meetings as an observer and must complete one committee assignment.
-Student should sign in to indicate his presence at each of the three meetings.
-To become a voting member, the student should submit his name to the vice-president at the beginning of the next meeting attended following the three required consecutive meetings.
-The president will submit the student's name to the student council for approval. A two-third majority affirmative vote is needed for approval.
-A student may apply for membership no more than once a semester.
-A walk-on member of student council is subject to all rules and regulations authorized by the constitution.