1.  All incoming freshmen are academically eligible until the end of the first grading period.  At that time, all athletes must be passing in five (5) full credit subjects if taking seven (7) classes and six (6) if taking eight (8) classes to continue to be eligible to play.  PE I and PE II are required by state law and therefore count for athletic eligibility.

2.  All athletes must be passing in five (5) full credit subjects if taking seven (7) classes and six (6) if taking eight (8) classes at the end of each grading period to be eligible to continue to participate in athletics.

3.  Semester grades determine athletic eligibility for grading period 3 and grading period 1.  Nine weeks grades determine eligibility for grading period 2 and grading period 4. 

4.  Before an athlete can practice or play, they must have an IHSAA PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION FORM on file in the Athletic Office.

This form MUST be signed by a physician after April 1st of the school year the athlete is going to participate (i.e. April, 1 2016 is good for the 2016-2017 school year).  
In addition, we require that the following forms be on file:
•  Concussion Acknowledgement and Signature Form
•  Emergency Medical Authorization Card
•  ProRehab, PC Release Form
•  Transportation Form
•  Athletic Council Code of Conduct – Please keep the first
    page for your records.

5.  If a student has moved into our school district in the last 365 days and transferred from another high school, he or she will need to complete an ATHLETIC TRANSFER FORM, have it signed by a parent/guardian, and sent to the IHSAA for approval.  A transfer student may practice, but cannot play in a contest until the IHSAA rules on the student’s eligibility.

6.  Athletes who leave a team for any reason prior to the end of a season may not participate in another sport in the same season or begin another sport in an overlapping season without a release from the head coach.  The need for a release ends at the conclusion of the season.

The season ends for all teams on the date of the last scheduled event for that team.  For teams that participate IHSAA tournaments, their season ends on the date they play their last tournament game. 

The request for a release from a team must be initiated by the athlete and signed by the head coach and the athlete’s parent/guardian.  Release forms are found in the Athletic Office

*This statement has been added to the physical form*
Undersigned gives the IHSAA and its assigns, licensees and legal representatives to irrevocable right to use a picture or image or sound recording of the student in all forms and media and in all manners, for any lawful purposes. 

Please click here for a PDF version of Harrison's Eligibility expectations