Drop/Add Policy


Course requests are sent home during the spring semester for parents and students to review. Students are given their next year’s schedule before the end of the school year. Any course change should be made during this time. After school begins in the fall, seating is limited and schedules cannot be changed without following the add/drop protocols listed below.
  • Students can request an elective class change up to the third class meeting.
    • Requests may be granted depending on scheduling and availability.
    • After the third meeting, the student remains in the class for the entire semester. 


  • If a teacher identifies a skill deficiency within the first 3 weeks, s/he may request a level change if the course is required for graduation.
    • After 3 weeks the student will remain in the current level until the end of the semester.


  • In the case of a teacher issue/concern:
    • The teacher will be contacted.
    • A conference may be held to develop a plan for future success.
    • If the student is still struggling by the end of the semester, a teacher change may be made for the next semester.


  • At the completion of semester 1 or semester 2, changes may be made for next semester's schedule for the following reasons:
    • Poor performance in the current course
    • Failure of a course required for graduation
    • Conflict with another academic program
    • Unresolved peer/teacher conflict
    • Need for shortened day (see IDOE guidance for shortened day schedules)
If you would like a PDF version of our Drop/Add Policy please click here.