Special Education

The Special Education services range from support provided in the general education classroom, to special education content area classrooms for instructional, or functional academic and vocational needs. Collaborative planning by general education, special education, and support staff facilitates implementation of the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) in the academic environment.

Each student who is eligible for Special Education services is assigned to a Teacher of Record. This teacher is the student’s Case Manager, and will work with the student and his or her parents to develop their Individual Educational Program (I.E.P.), and then monitor the student’s school progress in regards to the IEP Goals. The student’s special needs, as outlined in the IEP, will determine what type and amount of services the student will receive. 

The Teacher of Record does not take the place of the student’s counselor, but works with the counselor, department chair, parents, and the student’s other teachers to help the student succeed. At the mid-way point in each quarter, the Teacher of Record collects Progress Reports from all of the student’s teachers, and will share the information on these reports with the student and his or her parents. In the Fall, the Teacher of Record will meet with the parents and student for the Annual Case Review Conference to review the student's progress in his or her classes and develop a new I.E.P. for the coming year.