The SAT/ACT Prep Course is a one semester elective designed to prepare students for both the SAT and ACT college entrance exams.  The class will focus on math and English skills as well as test-taking strategies.  Sophomores may be admitted based on teacher recommendation.
Recommended Grade Level:  10, 11, or 12
Credits: 1 credit, one semester course 
Counts as an Elective for all diplomas 

 Students enrolled in this course will work under the guidance of a classroom teacher in the areas of special education. They will serve as teaching assistants in the classroom, or tutor students on an individual basis in the classroom.
Recommended Grade Level:  10, 11 or 12
Credits: 1 credit per semester up to 2 credits 
Counts as an Elective for all diplomas 


Resource is a study hall with a teacher trained in special education.   Tutoring, progress monitoring, organization and study skills are the main focus by the teacher.  This class is designed to help students who need this extra period per day to complete assignments and homework.
Recommended Grade Level:  9, 10, 11, or 12
Credits:  non-credit course