Visual Arts Houses

Fine Arts
The sculpture 1 students had the assignment of creating a miniature town.  As a class, they chose several themes and then voted for their favorite.  A Halloween theme had the majority vote.  I reminded them that the town would not be done by Halloween, and they reassured me that the Halloween theme is not just for one day of the year, but a frame of mind.  After the theme was decided, the class as a group listed what buildings needed to be in a town in general and also specifically what needed to be in a Halloween town.  Each student was paired with a building, and they had to sketch what they wanted their building to look like.  I then taught them how to roll out clay slabs and build a clay building.  Each student was also responsible for an item in the town.  The class chose these the same way as they chose their buildings:  by listing what was needed and pairing them with a student.  After all the town parts were made, they were fired in a kiln, glazed, and fired again.